The Wonders of Wood

Since the dawn of time mankind has found a way to fashion wood to serve a purpose. Over millennia the human race has developed tools & techniques to bring out the natural beauty of the grain of a variety of woods, and today we highlight a small handful of this natural beauty.

English oak – a favourite of carpenters & cabinet makers (as well as boat builders), this strong, durable wood, with a tight grain, has been used for generations to make furniture of distinction & beauty, as well as battleships including HMS Victory.

Beech – chunky, tight-grained and with a natural anti-bacterial quality to it, this wood has been used for generations in surfaces for food preparation, like this substantial butcher’s block table.

Flame mahogany – beautiful, reddish hued and cross cut mahogany like this became fashionable in the early Georgian period when it was harvested on plantations in the Caribbean. Its beauty can never hide its dark past but its enduring appeal keeps alive the memories of those who harvested it originally.

Rosewood – now a rare & protected species, this wood has been used since time immemorial by elites across the world. The colour and sheen are still highly prized today and rosewood remains one of the most sought-after woods for any item of furniture.

Burr walnut – this fascinating wood has been casting a spell over humanity since the art of creating veneers was discovered. The whorls & whirls of the wood, caused by the walnut never growing in a straight line & growing a myriad of branches close together, allow craftsmen to create designs both mesmerising and beautiful, elevating their skill to near-magical qualities.

Pine – humble, plentiful, strong, durable and practical, pine has become a staple of furniture makers for eons. This most reliable wood nonetheless has a real beauty to it and remains the ultimate woodworkers wood.

Here at The Curious Cow we are besotted with wood of every type. Its natural beauty and strength are showcased in our displays, its versatility in the sheer number of different ways it has been used. So if you are looking for something with a natural look and the provenance of generations then look no further, it’s here in our showrooms!!

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