To lead or follow? The style stakes

I am neither. I carve my own path, so some would say I was a leader. But as I don’t seek to influence others or persuade them to follow me, that description is a misnomer. Similarly, carving one’s own path, by default means you are not a follower. So where does that leave me? On my own path, with which I am happy.

Finding your own style or preference in the world of antiques is not unusual. Many antique dealers gravitate towards one particular style or era of design, one they feel naturally drawn towards. And the same should apply to a customer of an antiques dealer. “You never know what you want until you see it” is one of the phrases used by the staff at The Curious Cow, one they are proud to leave customers to discover for themselves.

Finding your own style, era, niche, whatever you want to call it, is all part of discovering who you are. So don’t follow, and don’t lead, let people make the journey on their own path. However, there is nothing wrong with being a signpost on that journey

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